Frequently Asked Questions:

Wouldn't detailing take care of any odors in my car?
In some cases, yes.  If detailing does not solve the odor problem, then ozone is the solution.
I've tried air fresheners, odor removing chemicals, baking soda, and other detailers.  Why does the odor keep coming back?
Odor molecules that come from an offensive source, (spoiled food), permeate the entire interior of the car.  These molecules reach every nook and cranny.  Even the best detailer cannot physically access all of these areas.  Ozone, a very powerful oxidizer, fills the entire interior of the car, and oxidizes those unreachable odor molecules.

What is the process?
We use a very powerful ozone generator.  Ozone is a naturally occurring gas, the result of electrical activity in the atmosphere.  Ozone is most abundant during thunderstorms.  It is that "freshness" that you smell just after a storm.  It is widely used in industry, from pharmaceutical manufacturing, water purification and commercial building maintenance.

I heard that ozone can be bad for you, is this correct?
In high concentrations, Ozone can be toxic, so during the treatment, people are kept out of the vehicle.  Ozone gas breaks down very fast, so customers can enter their vehicle almost immediately after treatment.

How long does the treatment take?
2-3 hours.

Is this treatment guaranteed to work?
Yes.  If, and only if, the source of the odor is eliminated.  It is recommended that you first have the vehicle professionally detailed.  Not only can this solve many odor problems, but it also results in a clean car.  Then a wait of a few days is necessary before  treating the vehicle with ozone.

What are the terms of the warranty?
Our warranty states:  If at any time in the 6 months following treatment, you experience an odor problem, simply bring to car to us, and we will treat it again, at no charge!

How much does it cost?

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